WORLD PREMIERE as Special Screening of the feature film of „Goutte d'Or (Sons of Ramses)“ by Clément Cogitore

18.05.2022 - 26.05.2022

Premiere: Friday, 20.05.2022, 8 p.m.

Espace Miramar, 61e Semaine de la Critique, Cannes

We are pleased to announce that Clément Cogitore’s feature film „Goutte d'Or (Sons of Ramses)“, 2022, 98 min., in French, has been selected by the Semaine de la Critique for the 61st Cannes Film Festival.

Ramses is a skillful clairvoyant in the multicultural Parisian district of La Goutte d’Or. When a gang of fearless kids start terrorizing the locals, the balance of his thriving business and of the whole neighborhood is disturbed. Until one day, when Ramses has a real vision.

Thirty-four year old Ramsès has established himself as a clairvoyant in La Goutte d’Or, Paris. A shrewd manipulator and something of a poet, he built a sound business consoling people. Elusive and dangerous youths, freshly arrived from the streets of Tangier, disrupt his business and the whole neighbourhood. Until the day Ramses has an actual vision.

Photo: Laurent le Crabe.

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