Reinhard Hauff is pleased to provide display, framing and collection management advisory services to collectors of contemporary art. Get the most out of your collection, and avail yourself of our expertise and experience in the following fields:

Personalized Collection Inventories 
Get your personalized collection inventory set up today. It is an indispensable collection management tool, which adds value to your art portfolio. And makes it a breeze to keep control of your holdings at a glance and on the fly. LWAv (Living With Art inventories and valuations) is an independent curatorial and art administration service, specialized in private collection management. For more information visit

Hanging and installation of paintings and art works 
It takes special talent and skills to place art works to their very best aesthetic advantage in an interior or an environment so that each piece stands out while enhancing the ensemble.

Choosing the right frame, mount and size 
Is a delicate art in itself. Our experience and advice regarding framing, handling, installation, transport, storage, restoration and sale of works of art, saves you time and headache and guarantees the best possible presentation.

For more information, terms and conditions or an appointment, please contact
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