MARK PEARSON. I Am The Fly. 11.02.2011 – 26.03.2011 

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Galerie Reinhard Hauff is pleased to present London artist Mark Pearson (*1966) with his second solo show at the gallery, „I am The Fly“, February 11th through April 2nd, 2011.

Mark Pearson lives and works in one of the most socio- economically deprived parts of East London. As he commutes through the back streets of this residential and commercial environment he is constantly alerted to the visual signs of its diverse cultures and communities. His work is influenced by this dense cultural landscape where myriads of signs and symbols compete for attention. The artist also uses words or Tags casually taken from advertising signs from small commercial neighborhood enterprises or patterns and textures that might be grafted directly from the walls and pavements of the streets through which he passes. Pearson also uses motifs originating from punk and new wave music, and logos that represent industrial or corporate giants.

The artist combines these influences to produce work on thin sheets of cartridge paper that are assembled with cello or gaffa tape into large scale works. Logos, motifs, words and patterns are fused into layers of competing messaging systems that are positioned aggressively against each other. Some layers contain repeated and geometrical elements that suggest an occult vision of the city and how it operates. But as the surfaces are added to, the sense of organisation and structure within the work is destabilised. The work becomes a palimpsest of superimposed signs and random utterances that mirrors the fragile and chaotic social order of the city.